Faial, the Blue Island, unites the diverse natural landscape of the Atlantic archipelago like no other of the nine islands. You will experience the volcanic origin on this individual riding and hiking tour. On the edge of wild-romantic volcano craters, through solitary valleys, along the steep coast and on path with breathtaking views. Discover with your horse and by foot this little piece of paradise.

The best Combination of riding and hiking. A relaxed mixture on the back of the horses and walking on hidden paths through the evergreen island nature with our Horse- and Nature-Park-Guides. Better and more intense you can not discover the island! The detailed trail itinerary is as follows:




azorean cows


"The perfect trip! I could ride

but had time to explore the island

We discovered great people

together with my partner on foot."

-Vanessa R., Zürich April. 2016








Arrival at Faial (Airport Horta – HOR), transfer to accommodation and first contact with the horses. Communal dinner. Overnight.

 Today’s ride passes though deserted countryside. We might pass the occasional farmer on his way to tend to his cattle. The Atlantic Ocean sparkles in the sunlight. We will enjoy a picnic at the “Cabouco” forest park. After cantering past hedges of hydrangea bushes we reach the old Lighthouse “Farol da Riberinha” with impressive views of the volcano “Pico”. The day winds down with a delicious supper at the PÁTIO Lodge.

 In the morning we drive to the west of Faial Island. In the middle of the forest one of the most beautiful hikes of the Azores begins along the small water channels of Levada. Narrow bridges and small tunnels always go along the watercourses. A dense magic forest with Japanese cedars. After a picnic, we return in the late afternoon to the lodge via meadows and fields. Dinner is waiting for us at PÁTIO Lodge.

 From our lodge we start today the ascent to the island volcano. We reach the viewpoint Piolio via old supply paths. Already now, the village of Cedros lies deep among us. We continue uphill. The path is lost in meadows. Through wild hydrangea hedges and small valleys leads us the barely recognisable path. Suddenly we reach the edge of the Caldeira. An impressive 400 m deep and 2500 m wide crater hole opens up indescribably impressive. Deep down its an own world. We begin the roundabout trail of the crater and after some time we reach the highest point of the island with 1043 meters. During our picnic we enjoy the great panoramic view. Slowly the circle closes around the crater and we reach the starting point of our circuit. Over meadows we return slowly back home. In the late afternoon we reach the lodge.

 In the morning we set off with our horses to the west. Along the coast and past ancient whale watching points we reach the highest place of Faial Island, Ribeira Funda. With the great view into deep valley, we habe our picnic. We continue our journey from north to west. We reach dense jungle. In the late afternoon we reach our lonely jungle camp. The horses remain the night there and we drive back to the Lodge where a nice dinner is waiting.

Today’s trail leads us to the impressive and bizarre volcanic desert landscape of Capelinhos. This deserted landscape has already been the set of several science fiction movies. We pass ruins of old houses buried with ash from the volcano’s last eruption in 1957. The highly acclaimed underground Volcano Museum is located underneath the lighthouse, buried with debris from the eruption. We ride over volcanic ash and enjoy a break close to a small volcanic cave. A long canter around the green volcano “Cabeço Verde” takes us back to our horses’ paddock. The night ends with delectable food and drinks at our Lodge.

 Today we drive to the picturesque island capital Horta. The discovery of the wonderful hiking trails around Monte de Guia is our first destination. Views into the sea volcano remembers you the power of volcanism. After a lunch break on the beach of Porto Pim we hike the old harbour town. The largest maritime picture Social Feeds in the world with its thousand pictures of sailors, dreamy shopping streets and century-old buildings with a lot of history. In the late afternoon, this day ends with a visit to the famous Peter Cafe Sport bar.

 After breakfast we offer an airport transfer for departure, or you can decide on an individual extension to your stay.