Peaceful countryside on the island of Pico. Small romantic fishermen villages. Picturesque vineyards. You will experience all this during your 8-day-trip on the island of Pico. Ride with us over ancient paths, along historic places and through fresh eucalyptus forests. You will meet the unique UNESCO World Heritage site, the Pico vineyards, on horseback. The mountain Pico always greets you. In the evening you return to our cozy hotel with a swimming pool in the middle of the vineyards and enjoythe view of the Atlantic and Azorean hospitality.




pico mountain in the Azores


"Last year we rode in Faial.

This year we wanted to ride in Pico.

We discovered great people

and impressive scenery."

-Ian, S, Glasgow Sept. 2016








Flight to Faial Island (airport code Horta HOR), transfer to the port, ferry crossing (30 min.)to Pico Island and short drive to your hotel. Optionally also flight to Pico (Airport Code PIX)and transfer to the hotel. First contact with the horses and introduction. Welcome dinner. Overnight.

  We start our island trail in the centuries-old wine village of Criação Velha along thousands of small black lava wine parcels, which are like a mosaic on the coast around Pico Island. The volcanic wine grows between black lava fields. Since 2004 this area has been a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Picnic area at an old distillery. From a small fountain we get the water for our horses. In the late afternoon we reach the small village of Campo Raso. Here the horses stay. We get picked up and drive back to our accommodation. Dinner.

 Today's day trail takes us along the rocky lava coast in the south of the island towards the old whalers town of Lajes. Always spectacular views of the steep and high mountain Pico and the blue atlantic. Salt is in the air. Wine grows along the edge of the path. In a steady up and down we follow the old route on the south coast. Our picnic place is located at an old whalers port. In the late afternoon we reach Lajes where our horses stay. We drive back to our hotel and enjoy dinner.

 In the morning we visit the old whalers village of Lajes. The place is characterised by the long history of whaling. Today, Lajes is the center for whale watching with guests from all over the world. Afterwards our trail continues at the foot of the 2.351 m high volcano of Pico. Through Japanese cedar forests to the old fishing village São Câetano. Beautiful trot and gallop routes along the way. A short break at the old whale watching point Vigia. We reach the overnight place for our horses via steep paths. We return to our small hotel.

 Uphill, downhill, the trail leads us over ancient paths and ways to the "entrance of hell"; the enchanted volcanic cave Gruta dos Torres. After a picnic in front of the cave we have time to do a guided visit of this impressive lava cave. Riding through old vineyards we reach Criação Velha again. In the evening we stroll through the port of Madalena.

Today the trail starts on the north coast of the island of Pico. In the morning we ride through the harbour town of Madalena. The path takes us along the coast to the small village of Lajido. Here we discover the old distillery and can taste the delicious Pico wine in an impressive wine cellar. The picnic is right at the coast. Over paths and the donkey trails of the farmers we continue to ride to our paddock which we reach in the late afternoon. We drive back to our cozy hotel.

 The last day of the trail takes us back slowly along high-altitude trails. Again and again fantastic views on the neighbouring islands São Jorge and Faial. Our horses show their best. Picnic in the open countryside. In the afternoon we will arrive at our starting point Criação Velha. The hotel's swimming pool is already waiting. Here we can relax our muscles. A great farewell dinner finishes this fascinating trail week.

 After breakfast we offer an airport transfer for departure, or you can decide on an individual extension to your stay.