The Individual Riding Holidays on Faial Island is the attractive priced alternative to book horse riding holidays in the Azores. Pre-purchased activity units are exchanged on site for all kind of activities.

 Riding lessons on lovely Lusitano Horses, short rides around the Lodge or even day Horse-Trails to the best spots of Faial.

... and the best: Activity units can also be used for many other activities on the islands of Faial and Pico. A descent into the volcano crater of Faial Island. Hiking on hidden ancient paths with our experienced PÁTIO’s Nature Park Guides. Join a scientific Whale Watching tour with marine-biologists. Discover Pico Island with your guide or even climb with him the highest mountain of Portugal - Pico (2.341m alt.).

You stay flexible and can ideally adapt the riding to your holiday program and budget. Define your share of riding during your stay . Select additional activities at home, inform your agent about your interests and enjoy with your partner also common activities without a horse riding.

We offer 4 different kind of accommodation to suit every riders interest and budget. This perfect program for riders and accompanying non-riders comes including overnight in your selected accommodation, breakfast, and ten activity units.








 After riding introduction you will ride 1.5h in walk on a gentle horse around the Lodge.

 We will ride in all gaits through the upper hills of the north coast, pass the high cliffs and visit a Whale Spotter Point.

 Trail-Riding in all gaits at the Top-Sites of Faial Island. Including picnic and all transports of horse and rider.

 Observe the biggest mammals in the Ocean. More than 20 species living around Faial. A absolute must-do!

 Swim with dolphins in the ocean. The gentle animals approach up to one meter. Marine biologist and skipper accompany you.

Hike into the crater of Faial with a PÁTIO Nature Park Guide. 400m deep inside „Jurassic Park“ is waiting for you.

 Discover with your guide the Top Faial Highlights. Horta Town, Volcanoes, small harbours, whalers outlooks. Picnic included.

 The UNESCO World Heritage Vineyards, highest Mountain of Portugal, picturesque whalers villages and mystic caves.