We offer for more experienced riders a Half-Day-Coast-Trail or the Full-Day-Panorama-Trail. Start and Destination is always our base PÁTIO Horse & Lodge.







Ancient paths through the evergreen countryside with endless views of the blue Atlantic



  • Short introduction to the horse and the trail
  • Equipment and trail horse
  • Trail guide (German or English or Portuguese-speaking)


Coast-Trail (3h; Advanced)

 Over old village roads through jungle like ginger forests, we ride to a small canyon. We ride over green meadows with great views to the Atlantic Ocean. Nice canter passages lead us to the yam fields of Cedros. We reach the highest located village of Faial – Ribeira Funda.

Enjoy old farmer houses, and great views into a deep valley. There are plenty of buzzards hunting bats during the thermal lift. Back to the Atlantic coastline we pass the old Whale-Watching-Station Cabeço de Vigia. Located at a caldeira it offers a 200º view over the Ocean. With a little luck we will see whales or dolphins in the sea.

Back to the village of Cedros our trail directs us along century old farmer houses back to the PÁTIO Lodge.

Panorama-Trail (5h; incl. Picnic; Advanced)

 Depending on your riding skills and the actual conditions we choose for you a dreamlike horse-trail on Faial Island. Might it be to the old lighthouse of Ribeirinha, through junglelike forests, to the volcano of Capelinhos or to the spit of Fajã. At lunch we serve saddlebag picnics or at nice places a picnic. The Day-Trail might be a One-Way-Trail or a Round-Trail. You always come back on horse or with a transfer drive to the Lodge.