Daily 3h - Trail to the scenic mountains and the coast of Cedros. Start: 9 am/ 2 pm

Daily 5h - Trail to awesome riding sites of Faial Island incl. Picnic* Start: 9 am


    Including Horse/Rider Transportation (Full Day at all other places on Faial Island)

    All gaits: walk, trot, canter - medium trail

    Rider weight: <95kg, age: >10y

    Incl. introduction of trail course

    Debrief with guide and non alcoholic drink

    (*) 2 Sandwich, Fruit, Juice, Water, Cereal Bar

    Insurance and riding helmet

    Small group, 1-9 rider

    Free access to PÁTIO Lounge

    NEW: lunch /dinner at PÁTIO (only with reservation)