The summer arrives in May and last until October. The maximum temperature can be 29ºC There is very seldom rain and wind. The days are long and at night you listen to the chirp of the cricket and can watch the starlit sky. Best time to travel to the Azores!

 November-December, April and May, these month are really best for trail riding. Nice mild temperature (13-20°C). Sun and little showers alternate. The morning might be cloudy and the afternoon is full of sun. On one side of the island the weather is rainy; on the other side the glorious blue sky creates a pure pleasure day. Our horses love that kind of weather and they like to show their full power. Dare to let it show!.

 In the real wintertime (January to February) the weather can be, but not must be, wet and uncomfortable. Fog and strong, sometimes horizontal, rain together with gale-force wind affects the island.
 A very special atmosphere. Not every day is bad. There are also wonderful days with blue sky and plenty of sun.